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10 Reasons Landlords Should Outsource Estate Agent Services

As a landlord, when you rent a property with a local estate agent, it is important to understand exactly what you get from that service. Estate agents offer a range of services to landlords, ranging from tenant finding to full end-to-end landlord management.

Your local estate agent service should provide everything you need as a landlord. This starts with listing your property advertisement. In order to make your advert look amazing, you will need professional, slick photography of your property.

Landlords can choose to outsource either full-service property management, or ad-hock support. Affitto Estate Agents have an established history or delivering 5-star service to landlords across the UK. With offices in Leicester, Edinburgh & Northampton, Affitto Estate Agents offer end-to-end landlord services across major cities in the UK. Local estate agents should work with their landlords to provide the best service required, listening to their needs and offering services to ease the stress of being a landlord.

Why Should You Outsource Your Landlord Services?

When choosing a local estate agent to manage your property portfolio, there are few things that you should consider before handing over the keys. Landlord services should be utilized to reduce the stress of handling multiple properties and maximize your return on investment.

Whether you need a one-off service, or full property management, Affitto Estate Agents are quick, reliable and professional.

Professional Photography:

It is important to capture the raw beauty of every property, this means capturing the best spaces lighting and features. The images of your property build the first impressions when potential customers are browsing the web. Your images should represent your property in the best way, it is important to create the right look and feel of the property.

You should always be honest, never enhance images. This gives false expectations to potential tenants and will often lead to unsatisfied viewers. Local estate agents have professional photographers capture the perfect range of photos to best represent your property online.

Advertise Your Property in Front of The Right People:

What’s the point of having your property on the market to rent if no one can see it? Your local estate agent should advertise your property listing on the most popular property websites. Affitto estate agents have a close partnership with industry leading websites with the highest amount of traffic, including Zoopla, Property First and more.

Increasing the exposure of your property listing means your property gets seen by the right tenants sooner.

Rent management:

Local estate agents ease the stress of handling rental money. As a landlord, you can have as little contact with the tenant as you wish. Affitto estate agents collect monthly rent and are in contact with your tenant for you. End those days of chasing your tenants for overdue rent and leave it down to the professional to take that stress off your shoulders.

Deposit Protection:

Outsourcing your landlord services to a local estate agent improves the security of your money. Deposit Protection Agencies act as a secure holding area for the tenant’s deposit. Neither the landlord or the tenant can access the funds until there is a mutual agreement. This means there is added financial security for both the tenant and the landlord.

Tenant Screening:

We understand that as a landlord, time is precious. You may not have time to screen all potential tenants. If you don’t have time to fully screen tenants, you run the risk of renting out your property to unwanted applicants.

Local estate agents carry out meticulous checks on every applicant to ensure they are right for your property. This includes credit checks, background information, identification documents and much more. This not only saves time, but the official identification documents of each tenant are kept securely on file throughout their tenancy.

Regular Property Inspections:

It is important to ensure the security and maintenance of your property is always protected. Most of the time landlords let out multiple properties, we all know it is impossible to be in two places. Local estate agents carry out regular property inspections to make sure your property is safe, secure and well maintained. We visit your property every 3-months in person to carry out these checks for you, giving you valuable time to spend elsewhere.


As a landlord, communicating with your tenant can be time consuming and unproductive. Estate agents handle all communication with you tenant, saving you both time and money. Affitto estate agents handle all tenant communication, complaints and disputes in an efficient and professional manner.

Transparent T’s & C’s:

As a landlord, it is important to understand the services you are signing up for. Your estate agent should explain each condition and what it means for your property. Affitto estate agent deliver clear, concise and transparent T’s and C’s for both landlords and tenants to agree to.

These documents are available to sign online, meaning you nor your tenant has the hassle of signing in person. These documents are then kept securely online for future reference.

Viewing Management:

One of the most important stages of finding the right tenant is allowing the tenant to view the property. It is just as important for the tenant to view the property as it is the estate agent to meet the tenant.

There are often tens of applications to view properties every week. It is the responsibility of the estate agents to book tenant viewings when it best suites the tenant. Affitto estate agent book these late into the evening and during weekends to ensure we find the best applicant for your rental.

Affitto estate agents are experts in local property management and rental listings. Our landlord services include everything from professional photography, tenant screening, viewings to rent collection and property advertisement. Call our friendly team today and see how our landlord services can help you manage your properties more efficiently.

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