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10 steps to selling with a Leicester Estate Agent

Selling a property can feel like a monumental task to many homeowners, which is why it’s important that you know all major the steps which go into the process. Not all Leicester estate agent will offer the same service, which is why it is also crucial that you choose one who is going to cater to your individual needs and objectives and help make it as efficient and stress-free process as possible.

Here at Affitto Estate Agents we offer a comprehensive property management support, having established a history of 5-star service to landlords all across the UK who require assistance in selling or letting their property. We have built this excellent reputation amongst clients as a reputable estate agent through duelling friendly enthusiasm for our trade with an expertly crafted ‘one stop service’ which encompasses every aspect of Sales, Lettings & Management that you would ever need.

There are many steps to selling with estate agents that you may not have considered – keep reading to learn all the key information surrounding the process of selling a property.


  1. Prepare the property

Firstly, before you start looking into getting evaluations or contacting estate agents, it is recommended that you take some simple steps to prepare or ‘stage’ your property. This is a valuable step in the property selling process as it can both improve the value of the estate and also speed up the process of finding a buyer.

It is dependant on your own situation and the condition of your property how serere that you to treat this preparation process. For many homeowners this may only require a quick tidy up, removing any unnecessary clutter and having a general spring clean; others may deem more more time-consuming tasks necessary to make their property as desirable as possible – such as giving a few rooms a lick of paint, doing DIY repairs or sprucing up the garden.


  1. Property Valuation

Now that you’ve suitably set the stage of your property, answering the all-important question of ‘What could I do to make my property as desirable as possible to buyers?’, it’s time to get an accurate valuation of your home to know what sort of price you should expect to get off of potential buyers.

Here at Affito we strive to get you the highest price possible, for the least hassle, with an efficient, quick turnaround. We have local property experts on hand who would be happy to apply their industry know-how and market knowledge to help pose you a realistic accurate price and effective market strategy which will maximise the interest in your property and the amount you can get for it.

If you’ve prepared your property and are ready to get a valuation then why not sign up here for the most accurate free property valuation on the market, whilst simultaneously getting a comprehensive rundown on our sales process from one of our friendly professionals.


  1. Selecting the right estate agents

Selling your property can come with a whole host of added stress for homeowners if they don’t take their time to select a reputable estate agents. It is imperative to select an agents who treats you as as valued, respected clients whilst simultaneously giving you the industry expertise to get your property to reach its financial potential in as quick a time as possible. There are many technical legal conditions which must be met, alongside various administrative tasks.

Affitto Estate Agents proudly stand apart from the competition in this manner. Open 6 days a week from 9am – 7am, we offer a no obligation free sale valuation alongside competitive fees through the expert usage of modern technology – whilst simultaneously refusing to compromise on an old fashioned, transparent service and values.


  1. Marketing and advertising

All effective estate agents will be sure to market your property in a way which simultaneously duels their knowledge of previous sales whilst appreciative the unique nature your circumstances and home.

This ultimately translates in marketing and advertising your property using the right channels so only the most suitable potential buyers are likely to see it – saving as much time for everyone.

There are various ways which reputable estate agents such as Affiro will use to reach potential new homeowners in the most effective way possible dependant on the individual needs of your home, these include: expertly written window displays and online listings, one-on-one contact to interested buyers by phone and email to arrange viewings, advertising on various digital property channels (e.g. Zoopla), prominent and alluring ‘For Sale’ signs and detailed features in brochures and home publications.


  1. The Viewings

This stage of the selling process is undoubtedly one of the most crucial for quick, successful sales. Potential buyers will arrange specific dates and times for them to scope out your home and ultimately decide whether they believe it’s worth buying for the price you’ve offered.

First impressions are often going to make or break a sale – so having an estate agents who knows just how to make the right one is imperative to success.

A lot of this work hill have been done in the preparation, but it won’t hurt your prospects to redo some of the staging with another quick spruce up of your property. The ‘kerb appeal’, or how your home appears from the outside at first glance cannot be understated – just doing little things like cleaning the outside windows or the front garden – shouldn’t be understated as a great way of getting your viewers’ experience off to a great start. Similarly, making sure your home’s interior is just as well-kept is vital – cleaning clutter, re-hoovering and polishing the surfaces and setting the thermostat to a comfortable setting can go a surprisingly long way in an effective sale strategy for you and your property.


  1. Getting offers

As soon as offers begin coming in for your property the estate agents will be on hand to provide you full comprehensive details of the deal which is being proposed and also the person submitting it – verbally and in written-form.

Estate agents will also look into the potential buyer’s financial position for you and seek the necessary evidence that they can afford your property.

Affito will offer any clients questions and also offer careful advice where necessary using our extensive industry expertise to ensure that you feel secure and comfortable with the best way to proceed forward with any offers and whether you wish to negotiate further.


  1. Negotiating with buyers

Your estate agents will be on hand to provide honest, professional support during the negotiation process of your sale. Affito have built a reputation for providing unbiased, no-nonsense, transparent advice for our clients so they are able to feel-in-the-know during every detail of the property sale process.

In regards to negotiation it isn’t just the price that needs to be considered when making your decision on an offer, but such factors as the buyer’s financial situation (i.e. how quickly could they complete a sale), their timescale and how this fits into your own and also whether there are any other conditions or clauses they have fit into the deal. Estate agents will also be on hand to support you in drafting your own realistic rebuttal of their offer (if and where it is necessary).


  1. Accepting and Conveyancing

Accepting the offer is a big step towards the completion of a sale, however, the process isn’t over yet – it’s now time to instruct a conveyancer for the next step.

The conveyancer is a vital step of the process here as the way send the potential buyer over with a draft contract. This contract will set the all the particulars of the sale (e.g. agreed price and timeframe of payment.) It will here be vital for you to send your conveyancer with certain documents which will support the contract and speed up the entire sale process. An example of such documents would be any certificates for works or extensions that you may have had done to the property since taking it on yourself.

At this stage the buyer’s own conveyancer may raise enquiries with yourself through the estate agents regarding the contract or documents which have been sent over for.

The estate agent should keep you in the loop on how the sales process is ticking along, including any changes in status of the local process, the buyer’s mortgage application and offer (where applicable) and the survey date and its outcome.


  1. Completing and exchanging of contracts

As soon as both sets of conveyancers feel fully satisfied with the responses to their enquiries which you have managed to accurately and truthfully produce with the assistance of the estate agents then the final contracts will then be exchanged between both parties.

Here, both the buyer and seller will sign and then just the buyer will pay a non-refundable deposit – which traditionally sits at 10% of the overall sale price. From the moment that these contracts are exchanged and signed then the property sale becomes legally binding and official. It’s a sale.


  1. Moving day

Upon the contract becoming legally binding the sale of your property is officially complete and you can breathe a sigh of relief until the next major step… moving day.

The outstanding amount of the sale will here be transferred directly to your conveyancer, who will from there-on be responsible for deducting any fees and redeeming your outstanding mortgage (where applicable) before finally transferring the remaining balance to you

At this point it will be time to say goodbye to your property, vacate and handover the keys to your estate agent, who will take care of the rest of the handover. Congrats, it’s all over!*

*One more thing: make sure you don’t forget to take any final gas and electricity readings before moving out and also redirect your previous postal addresses.

Affitto landlord services  include everything homeowners could ever want from selling with estate agents; including professional photography, tenant screening, viewings to rent collection and expert property advertising and marketing. Call one of our friendly team members today and find about more on how our landlord services can help you manage your properties efficiently and effectively.

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